Monday, July 16, 2012

The countdown starts..

Happy Monday!! So Holy crap... my 20th high school reunion is just under three weeks away. And while there's no possible way I could reach the weight I was for all of six months of my senior year (thank you, nutrisystem!) I'm still aiming to get as low as I can. Isn't that what everyone does for reunions?!?

I'm just frustrated because (of course) I'd like things to be moving a little more quickly. With my PCOS and the inability to take my glucophage, I feel like my body is daily telling me, "you're number one!" - and not in a good way. And while many of us got here by engaging in fad diets and short-term insanity, I think I might be needing to engage in a little short-term insanity.

I've read about people rebooting when they hit a plateau and are trying to push through, so returning to pre-op diet mode shouldn't be TOO insane.. right?

How have YOU rebooted when you needed to shake things up a bit?

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